Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Two more from Amazing

Amazing Walter sent over a few photos of some historical beach houses, which I like to share here. Please credit Walter "Amazing" McDonald for these.

The first one shown above is the old Coast Guard House which was located on Isla Blanca a long time ago. Somebody hauled the building, which was used for sleeping quarters for the Coasties when on duty, to its present site right on the main drag. Amazing entitled his email "Save the Shack." I'd like to do that although a source tells me it may be infested with termites. While there used to be more barracks and structures for the Coast Guard and mlitary sources, this is the last remaining one we can find. If anyone has any stories about the "shack," please feel free to post a comment.

The second one below is the beloved "Sand Ho" beach house, right on the Gulf. There are few old wooden houses built on telephone poles left along the Gulfside. My suspicion is that most were taken out by Beaulah or constructed since then, when the use of concrete pylons and slabs became much more popular. The units are still being rented, last I checked.

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Snuffy Smith said...

The old Coast Guard Shack used to belong to my Uncle, Steve Gallaway. He acquired it in the late 1940's around the time we bought a fisherman's cabin down on the Point by the Ship Channel. We used to get together every Summer to fish, swim and go to the beach. I remember Lee's Cafe and the old Army Halftrack that Dyke Powell used to take fishermen over to the Jetties. Tourist made the 3 mile trip over to the Island on the "Betty Rose", the only access to Padre. There were also a couple of fishermen cabins along with ours. We had the whole Island to ourselves back then. When the Causeway was built in the late Fifty's the whole village of cabins was moved 2 miles up the Island to it's current location. Many fond memories of the Fifty's & Sixties that we spent there.

Sam Erwin, Loveland, CO 7/18/2016