Saturday, January 6, 2007

A Few More from Downtown

Today I braved the horrendous downtown traffic (hah, nothing like Austin!) and checked out the Miramar, which according to some was originally named 'Sandy Retreat.' It was the first commercial hotel within town limits of what today is South Padre Island. I looked ahead, which had the signs, to the right which had some nondescript construction, and on the left were these cute little A-frame bungalows. They certainly looked old, anyway.

The orange building there is of course Uncle Buggies, a fairly famous dune buggy rental outfit in what looked like an old gas station. I was looking for the article about the owner who recently passed away, since he sounded like a very interesting person. With all the new regulations, dune buggies are now off limits in the dunes but you can ride along the beach in the northern county parts.

And this would be Jake's, reportedly another old jail, cop-shop, and town center. I shot the backside because the palms and sun looked better. Inside there is a very nice courtyard, almost Spanish style.

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Mike said...

I was reading the blog on the Miramar originally being the Sandy Retreat. In 1961 we stayed at the Sandy Retreat which was a separate motel directly on the beach. The Miramar was another motel which is pictured in the blog. They were right there together. See attached link. This a postcard showing both motels. Sandy Retreat is on the beach and the Miramar is behind it.
I cannot attach a pic. Email me & I will send pic if you like.